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A product development studio seeks to establish a greater presence as a leader in innovation.

a pattern of dynamic curvy lines expanding outwards

The team at BasedOn has enjoyed a working relationship with Inertia for over 20 years. As brand specialists and product specialists respectively, our two companies originally came together to launch a category disruptor. Once again it was time to collaborate as this fast-growing company looked at fully leveraging their inventiveness and launching a new brand identity that would help Inertia brave new categories and markets with life-changing products for the global market.

Inertia designed product lineup


We began by helping them clarify who they are, what they stand for, and what the path forward would look like. We recommended a workshop to engage the team and discover those deep brand truths that ultimately helped them realize who they really are. Our workshops always yield a ‘surprise factor’ and “We realize the new” became the foundation for the verbal and visual identity we crafted for Inertia.

What does a new frontier look like in our business?

It’s a blank sheet of paper or a laptop screen glowing with potential.

It’s this ‘nothingness’ from which ‘somethingness’ will come. Something that has never been before.

That’s what excites us at Inertia.

We realize the new .

Realize the New

How Would We Reflect “New” In The Brandmark?


We wanted to help Inertia really walk-the-walk of what “realizing the new” looked like. It had to be bold, so we gave it weight. It had to be revolutionary, so we gave it action. As if catching the dot over the “i” mid-air, we captured the definition of the word Inertia visually, representing the idea of staying in motion. We also used the dot continually throughout, along with linework and arrows representing their identity as collaborators and engineers.

We are your go-to partner for transforming ideas into reality. Bringing the imagination, skills and heart to make great happen.


To express their personality, Inertia needed to convey their personable, collaborative nature, as messaging invited prospective clients to dream big along with them. While engineering is a serious endeavor, the team approach was easy-going, and we reflected this in their verbal identity. Language was approachable with moments of lightness and humor—keys to true creativity.

You dream it.We do it.

At Inertia we recognize the genius in inventive concepts. We treat our partners and their dream designs with great respect. And we bring all of our experience and resources into play to make them a reality. Helping our clients deliver first-to-market innovations through a true partnership approach. Navigating the market terrain and engineering challenges to design and manufacture exceptional products…for you.

Bold isbeautiful.

So are these bubbles.

Your new favorite beverage carbonator


Spärkel partnered with Inertia as their design and engineering partner. Inertia was responsible for concept and mechanical design, industrial design, and creating the initial prototype for testing and validation.

A clean café when you’re not looking?


“The BasedOn team took great care in understanding the soul of our company, that part that doesn’t change while uncovering our aspirations for the future. They then helped to build a brand that both respected our soul while transforming our personality to become more like who we wanted to be. It was a fun, challenging, even emotional at times, and a surprisingly magical process that resulted in the level-up, transformation we were looking for."

Ray Minato
President and CEO
From here to finished.
We know the way.


Inertia had evolved from a start-up to encompass prototyping and manufacturing for a wide range of industries and was ready to compete with larger companies on a national and even global scale. They needed a bigger presence to reflect this expansion and expertise with the sophistication that would elevate their image and take their story to the next level. With the creation of a new visual and verbal identity system, Inertia now reflects their innovative thinking, their collaborative nature, and has brought alignment throughout the whole company.