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Brand Identity Designer

BasedOn is a brand identity studio. We design living identities based on principles of human expression and meaning. Our work is based on truth and beauty. We are explorers of the world, helping our clients to transform fundamental truths into engaging and motivating ideas that incite action, unite community and inspire change. Our work provides people with the understanding and the tools to build brand equity and drive long-term business growth.

Our clients come to us to focus and clarify their story. To elevate their visual and verbal expressions. Our work provides them with a deeper understanding of who they are, how they're different and why they matter. Enabling them to engage in a more meaningful way with their audiences.

Your role as a designer at BasedOn is to express meaning through visual symbols and systems. The visual design systems you create will work as part of the external identity framework for our clients. You will design tangible elements that appeal to the senses. Elements you can see, touch, feel, hear and see move. Elements that create recognition, amplify differentiation and make brand ideas and meaning accessible and immersive. These may include:

  • Defining a visual style
  • Logos (or brandmarks)
  • Color systems
  • Type systems
  • Patterns
  • Illustrations (may be outsourced depending on complexity)
  • Shapes
  • Icons
  • Defining photography style and treatments
  • Collections
  • Motion

Additional symbols or signals when client budgets allow:

  • Sound
  • Scent

You must be able to develop a clients' visual design architecture which may include

  • logo or brandmark systems
  • identify key visual assets that will be the hallmarks of each brand
  • guidelines

You will be fully immersed in each project from inception through end. Collaboration at BasedOn is key. No one designs for themselves or their own taste—you are designing for our clients and their brands. Your team will work together to uncover insights and develop a design brief for your projects. Together, your team will generate ideas that will be the foundation of the brand identity—WHO the organization/brand is. You will instigate creative exploration on how to bring the identity to life through design and experience—HOW the organization/brand is known or recognized.

Responsibilities include:

  • Understand the visual identity systems of clients' competitors to include their symbols (visual, verbal and multi-sensory elements) and systems—how the symbols work together to engage and connect with people.
  • Understanding the components of a successful identity and assessing the gaps and opportunities
  • Collaborating with strategists and writers to develop inspiring and motivating ideas that serve as the platforms for change
  • Creating mood boards that set the visual exploration in motion
  • Design exploration of symbols and systems that express HOW our clients are known and HOW people recognize and experience them.

Desired Qualifications, Skills and Experience include:

  • Minimum of a BFA in Design or other creative field with at least 5 years of professional studio work
  • Fluency in the Adobe Creative Suite—minimally InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AcrobatPro
  • Ability to build presentations in Apple's Keynote and MS Powerpoint
  • Knowledgeable in typography
  • An understanding of various printing processes
  • Show ability to prepare files ready for production which may include print, packaging, presentations
  • Ability to communicate with photo retouchers
  • Ability to assist Creative Director with art direction in photography and videography
  • Detail oriented and double-checking of work for accuracy
  • Asking for help and help in double-checking your technical work
  • Understanding of BasedOn's file structures and naming structures on Google's shared Drives and continuously uploading most recent versions of work from your computer
  • Excellent organizational and positive, helpful communication skills – you keep your team apprised of placement of files and status, and ask questions when you are unsure of what to do or how to move forward; you do not generate negativity when you disagree or are not sure of direction
  • Accepts constructive feedback well and does not take direction or changes personally but understands that direction is guided by client needs and strategy
  • Self-guided—you have the ability to move forward without needing constant direction or approval; or content—you move ideas around but also adhere to strategy/design brief
  • Punctual—you meet deadlines with enough time to make sure your work is accurate, if necessary you will work extra time to meet deadlines and most importantly tell your Creative Director and Director of Production when you need extra resources to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to present concepts clearly with a rationale to support design decisions.

Ideal graphic designers at BasedOn should have a passion and commitment to living our studio principles, in particular:

  • Simplicity: Creating and symbols and systems that are uncomplicated and thoughtful and clear.
  • Principle: Committed to getting it right based on understanding and insights. Understanding that ideas can come from anyone and anywhere and the first idea is often not the right idea.
  • Synergy: This is not a place for inflated egos. We collaborate and we learn from each other. And we learn other ways. We look beyond our devices for inspiration. Our devices are just one set of tools. We get out and explore the world.
  • Flux: Being a dual-brained thinker, moving seamlessly between the right and left brain to both analyze insights, inspire creative and create ideas. Thriving in both independent and team settings. Able to work autonomously as well as collaboratively and a willingness to embrace ambiguity and comfortable with change.
  • Courage: Nothing great comes from not taking risks. We are free to explore and take risks. If we fail, we learn and keep going. We will help you develop strong presentation skills and the ability to develop persuasive and inspiring stories that inspire our clients to change.
  • Provocation: We don't create typical or expected design. We push boundaries and change perspectives. You are expected to break things and make yourself uncomfortable.

If you are interested, please send your resumé to